We know what it takes to conduct business in compliance with
contractual expectations and according to industry standards &
agency regulations.

As a vendor with longstanding relationships with all the major manufacturers of mulch, fertilizer, tackifier & special additives --- as well as the growers & producers of seed --- Pacific Coast Seed can bid on proposals in a competitive manner and the contractor can be sure to have the right material on hand when it’s time to get the job done.

Our Livermore location halfway between the Central Coast and the Central Valley --- less than one mile from Hwy 580, less than 10 miles from Hwy 680, and less than 15 miles from Interstate 5 --- facilitates one-stop shopping for hydroseeders who have come to rely on our accessibility and inventory.

During the peak of the installation season, the prompt and accurate response of a material supplier can become the job saver. When it comes to delivering on promises, Pacific Coast Seed “gets it” and our seasoned staff is ready, willing and able to perform.