In addition to typical ag-land seed planting, direct seeding can often be
the best option for many sites lying outside areas --- or beyond the budget --- of
the planted landscaped.

Our working relationship with professional seed collectors and producers enables Pacific Coast Seed to offer realistic help to native landscape managers defining & achieving their goals.

Whether addressing site & maintenance needs in open space, wetlands & riparian corridors, agricultural buffer zones or critical environmental habitat, Pacific Coast Seed maintains an inventory of over:

  • 50 native grasses
  • 100 native wildflowers
  • 70 native shrubs
  • 30 native forbs
  • 25 native clovers & legumes

In the domain of turf management, Pacific Coast Seed staff stays tuned into the latest developments and, as an independent company, can distribute turf seeds from a wide variety of well-known growers. Our dealings with sod producers enable us to help you find the suitable match to products on the marketplace. Standard & custom blending is a matter of course.

We can help turf managers pick the suitable type of grass for a specific sport, determine the most viable lawn seed for sites with challenging conditions such as saline soils & water, or decide upon the best-looking low-maintenance lawn seed varieties available.