Our work with private & public landscape designers emphasizes
the development of seeding projects that are effective, practical and affordable.

Architects & land use planners have come to recognize that Pacific Coast Seed can offer critical thinking on the planning of projects large & small. Restoration & revegetation specialists call on us for specialty seed collection and the increase of site-specific source material.

With regards to direct-seeding proposals, Pacific Coast Seed can usually provide a realistic, authoritative & comprehensive evaluation of possible scenarios, addressing such questions as…

  • What seed can be accessed?
  • When will that seed actually become available?
  • How much seed needs to be used & what are appropriate quality standards?
  • How does seed & ancillary material fit into budget estimates?
Pacific Coast Seed likewise stays informed about the attributes of bagged organic fertilizers, composts and mycorrhizal inoculums, and we can help to assess the potential for their beneficial uses.

Keeping tabs on agronomic research and conducting its own informal field trials, Pacific Coast Seed stands prepared to share its knowledge with clientele in whatever ways can enhance the success of their projects.

From concept to design, from installation to maintenance, Pacific Coast Seed has the experience to offer the specialized perspective which only veteran "plant-people" can provide; and we will continue to learn how best to use the products we promote.