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Who we are

California Roots

Headquartered in Tracy, California, Pacific Coast Seed was founded in 1985 and is lead by Trish Gomez and Kitty Luckert, both of whom have been highly regarded in the California conservation industry for decades. At conception we operated out of a 200 square foot garage with only a few employees. Since then we have grown to a 20,000 square foot warehouse with an experienced sales team, expert botanists, and dedicated fulfillment crew. Our hard work and consistency keeps Pacific Coast Seed in prime position to serve clients throughout Northern California.

Our Connections

Our Relationships

We have spent decades cultivating relationships with our seed growers & erosion control suppliers. Through those relationships we have positioned ourselves as the region’s single largest purveyor of California native seeds. Our longstanding relationships with all the major distributors of mulch, fertilizer, tackifer & special additives allow our clients to be confident that our prices remain competitive and that we will have the right materials on hand when it is time to get the job done.