Commercial Markets

A Solution For Every Job

For nearly four decades, Pacific Coast Seed has maintained close relationships with customers in a wide range of markets fulfilling complex, large-scale conservation and habitat restoration projects across northern, central, and coastal California. Clients include Government Agencies, Conservation Districts, NGOs, Environmental Firms, Landscape Architects, and Energy Corporations.


Having hydro mulch, seeds, fertilizers, and tackifiers always in stock truly makes Pacific Coast Seed a go-to partner for any seeding contractor. Pressed for time? No problem, in most cases our experienced team can fulfill your order the same day it is placed.

Federal & State Agencies

Our team has the knowledge to design custom mixes of native grasses, forbs, and wildflowers that comply with all requirments for federal and state jobs. We have been collaborating with many agencies sine 1985. We will work with you to determine best seeding methods, planting time, and mixes for your project.

Counties & Municipalities

We specialize in ecotype specific seeding projects. Our collection teams are ready to collect seed from its native habitat. From there we will produce amplified seed of known genetic origin at our sister farm, Hedgerow Farms, in Northern California, then return the seed to you for project completion.

Turf & Grass

Pacific Coast Seed has become the turf and grass seed supplier of choice for customers all across Northern California. Our vast inventory and expert team provides the service and consultation that is unparalled.

Large Scale Wholesale

Pacific Coast Seed routinely works with other seed dealers and distributors on a wholesale basis, helping fill the gaps on other’s commercial seed needs.