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Erosion Control

In addition to seeds we are truly a one-stop shop offering all non-seed products for hydroseeding and erosion control.

Erosion Control Products


Wood – Rainier Fiber
Straw – HydroStraw® Original
Paper – NaturesOwn


Flexterra – FGM: Flexible Growth Medium
Flexterra – FRM: Fiber Reinforced Matrix
ProMatrix – EFM: Engineered Fiber Matrix
ProMatrix – BFM: Bonded Fiber Matrix
ProGanics – BSM: Biotic Soil Media
ProGanics – HBGM: Hydraulic Biotic Growth Medium


M-Binder – Psyllium based Tackifier
FiberRx – Guar Gum based Tackifier


Biosol Forte 7-2-1
Biosol 6-1-1*

*Special Order Only

Soil Amendment

Mycorrhizal Inoculant – AM-120™